My story

I started running in 2008 as a way to exercise, lose weight, conquer anxiety, manage depression and be more healthy; mentally and physically.

I ran my first 5K race in 2008 after taking my first beginners running clinic. I was hooked! In 2009 I ran my first 10K race followed by 4 Half Marathons that same year. Then in May of 2010 I ran my first marathon; the Vancouver Marathon. I went on to run 3 more marathons and my first ultra marathon. Three of those marathons took place in a span of 89 days earning me a spot in the Marathon Maniacs club. In 2011 I took on my biggest running challenge to date by running the North Coast 24hr Endurance race. I ran for 13 hours 17 minutes with a support crew and covered 81 kilometers. I continue to race various distances from 5K to the marathon. I feel that every race distance has its challenges and that running 5K can be just as challenging as a marathon or ultra marathon.

In 2009 I joined Team in Training to train and raise money for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco.
Two colleagues wanted to run in the race so I agreed to join them. I raised $4,595 for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma society receiving a coveted Tiffany necklace from San Francisco’s firefighters.

I was introduced to Chi Running in 2010 when I developed Achilles Tendinitis. I read the Chi Running book and pored through studies and other information on running form. I used some of the techniques from Chi Running, meditation and various other sources to remain relatively injury free and transition into a more mindful state of being. In 2014 I attended at Yoga and Chi Running retreat in Montana which renewed my interest in Chi Running and started me on the path to becoming a Chi Running instructor.

I’m drawn to Chi Running because of the principle that running can be thought of as a holistic practice similar to yoga or T’ai Chi. I think of running as part of a holistic approach and am constantly working to perfect my running practice. This includes studying and implementing: technique, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and the continual study of all things running so that I can share my knowledge with others. I became certified in Sports Nutrition in 2014 and integrate that daily with my other running practices. I have found that the knowledge I’ve gained about running can be applied to all aspects of my life, bringing me closer to my natural healthy state of well-being.


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